Supporting Our First Responders, Tough on Crime

My Passion

"My father was a firefighter in an all-volunteer fire department. In addition to his weekly training drills, he'd leave his business to respond to an emergency. I remember him on a few occasions working on fire calls through the night, and opening the family business the next morning. My inspiration to serving our community is rooted in his legacy."

My Stance

It's time to put the safety our homes, neighborhoods, businesses, and our community at the top of our priorities. I will continue to support law enforcement, give them the laws and the support, they need to do their jobs.

Make no mistake, I will look for alternatives to provide mental health support. 

The King County Executive has twice proposed closing the King County Jail without a plan to replace it. Putting 1200 residents of the jail back in our communities is unacceptable.

My Service

Regional Law, Safety, and Justice Committee

Rob serves as one of seven councilmembers appointed from the 38 cities outside of Seattle on this King County Advisory Committee.

City's Public Safety Committee

Rob is one of three councilmembers serving on the Public Safety Committee