Rob Wotton 

Working for Us!

Property crimes, car thefts and vehicle prowls are up everywhere. Fortunately, Snoqualmie has consistenly been one of the safety cities in Washington State. Rob believes we deserve nothing less than that. However there's a movement in Seattle and within King County to soften the approach to crime. That concerns Rob and is why he's working to stop the erosion.

Regional Law, Safety, and Justice Committee

Rob is one of eight councilmembers from 38 cities on the King County committee. This provides him insight to the challenges other jurisdictions approach the issues that matter most to our community and shares this with our city's leadership.

Supporting a Local Police Department

After joining the city council, Rob spent nine hours with the night shift patrolling Snoqualmie and North Bend. It gave him a greater appreciation for the work our officers do. Rob understands the importance of competitive pay, officer retention, and the need to support their mental well being in order to have the most effective police department.

Snoqualmie and North Bend are fortunate to have 24/7 coverage. Residents and businesses benefit from fast response times and knowing that "No call is to small."

Internationally Accredited Fire Department

Snoqualmie is a full-service city and that includes having our own professionally-staffed and volunteer fire department. That gives us greater local control. In 2017, Rob served on the citizens advisory committee that helped lead our department to become one of the few Internationally Accredited Fire Departments, ensuring we get the highest level of service.