April 11, 2023

Bringing Community Together

Rob grew up in Shelton, a small town similar to Snoqualmie. 

He credits the values he learned as an Eagle Scout to the work he does today. Everyone matters. We all have different backgrounds and perspectives. When we bring people together, we can find solutions to our biggest challenges.

As a banker, Rob works with small business owners throughout our community.

In 2015, he founded the Business Workshop, hosting over 60 programs for businesses and organizations on a wide range of subjects.

When housing affordability became a priority for the City's Economic Development Commission, Rob brought dozens of housing experts and advocates together. He has personally organized and hosted six public forums on the matter. Today he leads the Snoqualmie Valley Housing Task Force, working with cities and people across our region to find solutions.

And from the work on the EDC, Rob has hosted job fairs to help connect local jobseekers and companies. He launched the SnoValley Jobs website which now has over 120 businesses participating.

Make no mistake, when there are tough challenges, Rob will do what he knows works best, getting people involved to find the best solutions.

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Bringing Community Together

Bringing Community Together

Rob Wotton

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